What is a Weed

What is a Weed

landscaping designsYou’re probably thinking a crabgrass dandelion or some other general plant that grows up all over the place. But have you ever think about what is really making those plants a weed? It’s pretty easy. A weed is any wild plant that’s growing where it’s not supposed or wanted to. Even plants that you find attractive can become weeds if they exceed their bounds in your garden.

Most weeds mix out seeds out of control. And those seeds go all over the place because of the wind, birds, and other causes. Some seeds stay in the soil for almost a year, so predicting where the next weed will pop up is nearly unpredictable.

Pull the Weeds Out of the Soil

landscaping companiesIt’s tempting to pull the weeds out of the soil as they grow, but that can actually worsen your problem.

The part of the root system can be left underground when you pull a weed. There’s usually sufficient root left for the weed to regrow. Weeds like Canadian thistle and dandelion are infamous for regrowing after being pulled.