Pulling and Controlling Weeds

Pulling and Controlling Weeds

front yard landscaping ideasPulling a weed buries seeds that come along for the ride. Sometimes, a change of soil from deep soil to shallow soil is all it takes to start the germination method. So when you close the door on one weed, you might open the door for many more.

One of the great methods to control weeds is by using Roundup® Lawn & Garden products or other weed killer products. They kill weeds all the way down to the root and soil, without drawing seeds to the surface.

Products Can Save You Time and Physical Strain

landscaping ledgingAnd since you won’t be controlling weeds by manually, Roundup Lawn & Garden products can save you time and physical strain. Your lawn will thank you now, and your spine will thank you later.

We believe that responsible weed control is necessary. So we have come up some basic info about those mean, green outdoor nuisances.