Kinds of Precast Paving Stones

Kinds of Precast Paving Stones

Open Cell Pavers

landscaping companiesThese are mainly made unit pavers designed to enables water to drain on the openings in the paver alone or through those set into the outlines that result in improved flow through the joints. While designed to boost permeability in parking lots and driveways, they are equally valuable for zero runoff homesite paving.

Stone Pavers

landscapingThese are a fragment of pre-war pavements created out of rough-hewn stone squares that once replaced cobblestones. While nearly has the same size as precast concrete pavers, they are vastly more costly due to the labor needed to render stone into equal units.

Turf Paver

This different precast paver was produced to allow emergency equipment to drive over the grass, typically to give fire lanes to multifamily construction without paving the whole surface. They are also used for overabundance parking. Turf pavers are usually formed in a lattice texture that gives openings large enough for turf to grow throughout.